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Tungsten Rings make great Promise Rings!

Summer is pretty much upon us.  This is the time of year for blossoming  young love.  Many couples delve into a deeper commitment this time of year as well.  One of the best ways that we can think of is to show your commitment to one another with a set of Tungsten Promise Rings.

We know that you’ve scoured the web looking for Tungsten Promise Rings, and the truth is that not a lot of marketing is done around ‘promise rings’ in the alternative metal category.   For the most part pretty much any Tungsten Wedding Ring Set will actually make a great pair of Promise Rings!

Tungsten Rings are extremely durable and scratch resistant.  They are the most scratch resistant metal that is used in jewelry production today.  Not only will these rings make the ideal promise rings for you and your significant other, they are also very affordable if purchased from the right retailer.

One online retailer – Ring Ninja, has compiled all of their products that can be worn as Promise Rings on one page for you.  Although the titles of their rings will say thing like ‘His and Her Wedding Ring Set’ they do make the ideal Promise Rings.  Not only do the have Tungsten Promise Rings, but they also have Titanium Promise Rings, Cobalt Promise Rings, and a very affordable set of Stainless Steel Promise Rings (these are currently just $32.99!).

In addition to having a great selection of Tungsten Promise Rings, the fine people at Ring Ninja also offer custom engraving, or personalization on any of their products.  All of their Promise Rings can be engraved inside or outside (ok, outside can only be performed on certain sets) which gives you an amazing oppritunity to get these rings personalized, and at the time of writing this the cost for engraving is on sale for just $15 per ring (normally valued at $24.99/ring).

So tell us what you thing – are Tungsten Promise Rings right for you?  Or will you stick with something even more affordable like Stainless Steel.  How do you feel about personalizing your Promise Rings.  We’re anxious to hear from our readers!

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