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So, if you're looking for a website that reviews Tungsten Rings, we've found one.  Over at Tungsten Ring Reviews they regularly update their website with reviews of some of the most popular styles of these rings around.  Not only are the updates put out at a regular interval, they also have a section where you can submit a review of a ring that you've purchased from any site.  After they take a look at what you've submitted they will get ahold of you via email to make sure that you aren't a spammer, will make any tweaks to your review (ie: spelling, censoring adult language) and then they will post your review.  They seem to prefer it if you upload a picture of your own ring and they'll display it on their site, but if you provide a URL for the product that you purchased they will track down a picture and place it on their site.

So once again Tungsten Ring Info is here providing all of the information, however obscure, on the topic of Tungsten Rings.

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