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Tungsten Ring Info

Hi there!  Welcome to!  So here it is, the first post.  This website has been created to add some missing information to the subject of Tungsten Rings.  The intention here is to post useful information so when people are searching for information on these amazing rings, they can be well informed.  There are a few other sites out there that cover similar topics - all with a slightly different 'slant' on Tungsten Rings. 

Most of the information on this website will be original content.  However there are some amazing articles and information out there on Tungsten Rings (especially videos from YouTube that people have posted) that we may link to.  We will obviously give credit where credit is due.  If someone took the time to share their knowledge of Tungsten Rings - then by all means we will certainly be giving them credit!

Now, we know that this is not going to be the most active blog on the internet.  However we would greatly value reader participation!  If you ever have something to say feel free to register and post your comment.  We will take a peak at the comments on a regular basis, and of course we will scan for spam and the like - but as long as your comment is not full of words that are not exactly family friendly, your voice will be heart.

Another thing that we intend to do here is from time to time is weigh the virtues of Tungsten Rings agains those of other materials - in particular other alternative metal wedding rings.  It seems like every couple of years now some new material is being pushed for rings, weather they be Wedding Rings, Promise Rings, Engagement Rings, or just fashion rings - something new is always on the horizon.  I suspect that this is due, for the most part, to the insane rising cost of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum.  While these rings have served mankind for 1000's of years as ideal wedding rings, it appears the time has come to move on.

With that - we look forward to giving you all the information we can on these amazing, and relatively new rings. 

Thanks for reading!

Beautifully Engraved Tungsten Rings