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How to Clean A Tungsten Carbide Ring

Jewelry, like clothes become dirty when worn frequently. Rings in particular become very dirty. Think about how many things we touch with our hands on a day-to-day basis! Rings are directly exposed to everything we touch, as well as our skin oils. It's important to know how to properly clean an item of jewelry; using an improper cleaning method can cause a variety of problems ranging from ruining the finish of a ring to causing rust and extreme damage beyond repair. Working in the jewelry industry I have a lot of customers that try to clean their Tungsten Carbide Rings with chemicals that inevitably ruin their once radiant, gorgeous ring(s). There are some chemicals that all jewelry should stay away from, especially bleach. I always tell our customers to either remove their ring(s) if they are going to clean, or use gloves to protect their hands and jewelry. It's a sad day when a favorite ring is ruined by harsh chemicals! If you or someone you know has a tungsten carbide ring that is in desperate need of a good cleaning, I have four simple and easy steps that will safely clean your tungsten carbide ring. The tools you will need include: dish soap, a bowl, warm water, and a soft towel or cloth.


1. Combine 1 teaspoon of soap into a bowl of warm water


2. Place your Tungsten Carbide Ring into the soapy water


3. Soak your Tungsten Carbide Ring in the soapy solution for 5-10 minutes


4. Remove your Tungsten Carbide ring from the solution and dry it with a soft cloth. All done!


Cleaning your Tungsten Carbide Ring does not have to be a complex or expensive ordeal. This method of cleaning your ring can be done as many times as you'd like and it won't ruin your ring. Let me know how your ring turns out, happy cleaning!




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