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Common Tungsten Carbide Questions Answered

Gold and silver were the standard metals used to create wedding rings until the introduction of platinum in the 1980's. The three metals, known as "precious metals," maintain a similar theme of problems: the rings scratch and chip easily, the price is extremely expensive, and the shine of the rings fades overtime. It wasn't until a decade ago that a solution was presented, known now as contemporary metal rings. The collection of contemporary rings consists of Tungsten Carbide, Stainless Steel, Cobalt Chrome, and Titanium metal rings. Contemporary metals are strong, reasonably priced, and hold their looks overtime. Because of it's strength and durability, the most popular metal option in the contemporary metal collection is Tungsten Carbide. Lately I have received a lot of questions about the actual durability of tungsten carbide rings; there is a lot of information on the Internet that makes it seem as if tungsten carbide rings are not as durable as they "claim" to be. To clear up some of the misconceptions of tungsten rings, I've compiled a list of common questions people ask me about tungsten rings:


Exactly How Durable is a Tungsten Carbide Ring?

Tungsten Carbide rings are the most durable rings for sale in the marketplace. Tungsten will not bend or scratch; it's four times stronger than titanium and is comparable to the strength of a diamond. These rings are a popular choice for those who use their hands a lot in their day to day activities, like construction workers or electricians. Tungsten is durable enough to withstand temperatures of 1500 to -453 degrees fahrenheit.


Is it Possible That My Tungsten Ring Will Break?

Is it possible that a gold ring will wither away into nothing? Yes, that's possible. Is it possible that my stainless still ring will obtain scratches? Yes, that's possible.  Is it possible that a tungsten carbide ring can break? Yes, this is possible but the odds are incredibly slim. For instance, if a tungsten carbide ring is run over by a truck it will most likely break. Similarly if a tungsten carbide ring was beaten with a hammer, it would probably break. It is difficult to do but it is possible.


What is the Difference between Tungsten and Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten is an element located on the periodic table as number 74. Tungsten is a dark gray color and is known for its high density, hardness, and strength. Tungsten on its own is too hard of a metal to mold into wearable jewelry, thus tungsten carbide was created. Tungsten carbide is an alloy of various metal elements that enhance the ability to shape and mold tungsten into fashionable jewelry.


Will Tungsten Carbide Rings Make My Finger Green?

I can't imagine the horror of celebrating the union of two souls with a green finger, so this common question has never surprised me when asked. There is a very important element to take note of when considering the purchase of a tungsten carbide ring: do not buy one whose alloy contains cobalt as it will most likely turn your finger green. Tungsten rings that contain cobalt tend to cause allergic reactions on the surface of the skin which creates an irritated green finger. Tungsten rings that are made with a nickel alloy will not turn your finger green and they are hypo-allergenic.



If you or someone you know is looking to purchase a tungsten carbide ring, I hope that I was able to answer some questions that you might have. Let me know if you or someone you know has anymore questions, I'd be happy to help answer them!

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