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Cheap Wedding Rings?

So, how come some sites are able to sell Tungsten Wedding Rings in the $50 range, while other retailers charge as much as $500 (or more if you throw some diamonds into the mix)?  We've been perplexed about that as well so we did some shopping around.  One site that regularly sells rings in the 'lower' price range is Ring Ninja.  If you check their site they have some quality products, there are some great reviews of their company out there, they are a better business burea member and they currently have an 'A' rating.  We ordered a set of their rings for just $100, and were truly impressed with the quality of these wedding bands.  The boxes on the rings were just that, boxes.  Nothing fancy, no company logo printed on the box, no company logo printed on the ring, just a material stamp that says 'Tungsten Carbide'. 

We put these rings to the test, and they were truly amazing.  They held up as well as the rings that we ordered from another 'high end' company, and in fact, appeared to be exactly the same.  (The other high end company shall remain nameless).  We put both sets of rings through our own scratch test, and both held up equally well.  We tested both sets of rings with a spectometer and found that their material make up was identicle.

So, we decided to interview the owner on the phone and he gave an answer that we found interesting.  When asked why he thought some companies charged so much, and some companies charged so little his answer (to summarize) was that Tungsten Wedding Rings are not made up of a precious metal like gold or silver.  While Tungsten Rings have unique properties that allow them to be an outstanding material for jewelry, the major cost of these rings is in the manufacturing.  Wedding Rings are a very emotional purchase.  Not everyone feels comfortable buying their spouse a ring for $50, it just doesn't feel like quite enough.

He did caution us that there are many companies out there that will sell you a ring that is not quality.  Make sure you find a company that offers a lifetime warranty, and is registered with the BBB.  If you're in the US, it's best to shop from a company that you know is located in the US.

Hope passing along this information helps out with your decision to purchase!  Although the rings from Ring Ninja could be considered Cheap Tungsten Rings, it's not that they are made cheaply, they are simply Affordable Tungsten Rings!

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